Passionate about new Jewish plays? Read on.

We believe that great plays can change the world.

We partner with great writers have a heartfelt intention to write a play that find the intersection between Jewish identity and global self.  We want to find stories of Jewish ideas, traditions, myths, culture (and yes, religion) that impact, inform, and hopefully improve our lives. If you’ve got that play, we want to hear from you.


OOF: On One Foot 10-Minute Play Contest

A new ten-minute play festival seeking plays that highlight healing and repair. This opportunity is part of the Festival of New Jewish Theater, to be held August 15-17, 2024 at the Berkshire Theater Group. 
The Contest is inspired by Hillel the Sage’s teaching, given when he was asked if he could summarize the whole of the Torah while standing on one foot: “That which is hateful to you, do not do unto your fellow. That is the whole Torah; the rest is commentary. Now, go and learn.”

The 14th National Jewish Playwriting Contest

The Jewish Playwriting Contest seeks to discover, highlight, and nurture contemporary Jewish drama by engaging with artistic and Jewish communities throughout the English-speaking world. The Contest has received and vetted over 1,850 plays by 1,200 writers in 32 states and 9 countries. The JPP has actively developed 55 of those plays, 35 of which have gone on to production in cities across the globe, including New York, Los Angeles, London, and Tel Aviv, playing for more than 100,000 audience members.

The Jewish Dramaturgy Lab

Formed in 2022, the Lab brings deep culturally-specific knowledge and learning to the development of new plays. New plays are paired with what the JPP calls a Jewish Dramaturg – a thought leader (clergy, scholar, lay leader) – to pinpoint the Jewish questions being asked, and to see what Jewish tradition, text and culture have to say about those inquires. And then we add a Theatrical Dramaturg to support the playwright to build their play from these new ideas.

“[This] was one of the most fruitful workshops I’ve ever had (in a lot of years of doing this). The room was full of smart, generous, thoughtful, kind people and I’m overwhelmed by how much I received and the excitement I feel to dive back into the play. Whenever I teach, I start with the ground rule — only offer feedback that will make the writer eager to get back to their pages. Every single comment made me feel that.” – Lab Participant Deborah Zoe Laufer
Alumni Playwright Meet & Greet
Jewish Play Project Cast and Crew - Photo by David Winitsky


The JPP is seeking professional artists — actors, directors, designers, dramaturgs, stage managers and more — to join our national and international reading process. This radical experiment in democratic artistic decision invests artists in their Jewish identity, centers a diverse range of voices, and embraces passionate advocacy. To learn more, contact Contest Dramaturg Heather Helinsky.



Triage Round: Pesach through July

Each of our 300 submitted plays is read by at least 2 Artist Panelists and 1 JPP Staff Member

Includes 2 Virtual Community Meetings

Semi-Finalist Round: July Through September

A select group of excellent plays are advanced for special scrutiny and an additional 3-5 reads.

Includes 2 Virtual Community Meetings

Finalist Round: Ending by the High Holidays

A small group of experienced readers digs into the final group of plays to determine cycle Finalists. Requires reading at least 10 scripts.

Includes 1 Virtual Community Meetings