You can be a part of this incredible movement in Jewish Art and Identity by hosting a JPP theater Chavurah!!
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What is a Chavurah?

  • A chavurah (lit. “fellowship”) traditionally is a small group of like-minded Jews who gather together with a common purpose.

  • A JPP chavurah is a community gathering in which you and friends come together to read and discuss the best new Jewish plays of the year.

  • Your community selects the top three new Jewish plays in your area!

  • Your votes count towards the national Jewish Playwriting Contest winner, announced in June!

How does it work?

  • The JPP connects you with this year’s Jewish Playwriting Contest finalist plays.

  • You and your community read and evaluate these plays ahead of the chavurah.

  • Everyone at the chavurah discusses the plays and important, contemporary Jewish ideas.

  • You all vote on the top three new Jewish plays for your region.

  • Participation costs your organization only $360.

  • You will also (virtually!) invite at least 36 attendees to the national celebration in June, where they’ll see videos of the top three plays chosen nationally. (Tickets to this are $10 per person, ie. there is an ask of an additional $360; however, that is ideally raised through ticket sales to your community)

  • If your organization brings more than 36 attendees to the June celebration, you receive a portion of ticket sales.

What do you need to do?

  • Invite your community to the chavurah! Gather a group within your community who are excited to be some of the first people in the country to read these new Jewish plays. Four participants? Great! Fourteen? Also great!
  • Read the Jewish Playwriting Contest finalist plays
  • Vote at the chavurah!
  • Attend the national celebration in June, with your community, to find out the winner!