13th cycle
YEAR: 2024


Noga Flaishon
In the near future Memoriam inc. buys and sells memories, digitizing them for mass-viewership. Now they are after the memories of the last holocaust survivor.
CITY: London, UK
"I once heard about an effort to make holograms of survivors - Noga's play takes this technological dream and makes it real."
- Artistic Director David Winitsky


2021 ROOT Award,Hawkseed Theatre


National Jewish Playwriting Contest


Noga Flaishon is a Neurodivergent Israeli writer/producer based in London. After moving to the UK to train in the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama as an actor, Noga worked for several years in the industry as an actor before establishing her own theatre company “Harpy Productions” in 2019 and committing to full time writing/producing in 2020. She is currently working as a writer/producer of Big Finish (creating audio-productions set in the world of Doctor Who) and a writer at Six To Start (and their mobile Game Zombies Run). Noga is also currently completing her MFA in writing for Stage and Broadcast Media at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.

Noga’s work has been supported by the Arts Council of England, London Playwrights Blog, The Offie Awards, The Standing Ovation awards The King’s Head Theatre, Pleasence Theatre, The London Horror Society & The Living Record Festival, Camden Fringe, Evergreen Podcasts & Audio Marvel amongst others. Noga’s credits include but aren’t limited to: “100 YEARS OF WAITING” (workshopped at The Hope Theatre, 2018), ‘BROKEN LINK’ (OnComm nominated virtual theatre production. The Living Record Festival, The Space Theatre, Brighton Fringe 2021), “BUNKER” (a post-apocalyptic thriller. Lion and unicorn Theatre. 2021. Edinburgh Fringe.2022) ‘LETHE’ (A cyberpunk Drama, Critically acclaimed & Standing Ovation Award Nominated production:  King’s Head Theatre. 2023), “SMILE, IT’LL BE OVER SOON” (Audio-Drama, distributed globally by Evergreen Podcasts. 2021), “A MOTHER’S LOVE” (Doctor Who Audio-Drama. Big Finish Productions),

In her writing Noga is fascinated by stories about mental health, memory, and gender politics. Her work frequently borrows from the genres of Sci-fi, horror, and magical realism to tell poignant stories about real life issue and explore the dark corners for our psyche.